Monday Night Football Showdown: Raiders vs. Lions - Betting Insights and Quarterback Duel

Detroit, MI - Tonight's Monday Night Football matchup between the Raiders of Las Vegas and the Lions of Detroit at Ford Field promises gridiron action and a thrilling opportunity for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike., the official sportsbook for this release, has put together an exciting selection of bets, including a super parlay for the game, making it an event you won't want to miss. 

Betting Special: The Super Parlay offers a wide array of special betting options for the game, including the Super Parlay. This parlay combines various elements of the game, from the point spread to the total points, making it a captivating choice for fans looking to add some extra excitement to the match. It's important to note that in a parlay, bettors must successfully hit all the legs or bets in the parlay to win. This exciting Super Parlay offers the chance to win big, paying an enticing 300 to 1. Take a look at the full parlay below: 

Handicap Win LVR (+7) DET (-7)

Total Points Over (46.5) Under (46.5)


1st Half Winner LVR DRAW DET

1st Half Total Points Over (23.5) Under (23.5)

DET Total Points Over (26.5) Under (26.5)

LVR Total Points Over (19.5) Under (19.5)

Total Touchdowns Over (5.5) Under (5.5)


Highest Scoring Quarter 1st Quarter/ 2nd Quarter/3rd Quarter /4th Quarter/Equal

Quarterback Duel: Goff vs. Garoppolo  

In addition to the thrilling parlay, let's take a closer look at the two quarterbacks who will lead their teams in this showdown. Jared Goff of the Detroit Lions boasts an average of 271.7 passing yards per game and is expected to throw for a minimum of 253 yards with odds of -228 or possibly even 283 yards with odds at +108. 

On the other side, Jimmy Garoppolo of the Las Vegas Raiders brings an average of 215.8 passing yards per game to the field. Bettors can speculate on him passing at least 254 yards with odds at -113, or a potential 274 yards with odds at +108. 

Both quarterbacks also present intriguing prop bets for passing touchdowns and interceptions. Goff has averaged 11 touchdowns in 7 games, offering bets on 1 touchdown at -501 odds, 2 touchdowns at -173 odds, or 3 touchdowns at +142 odds. Garoppolo, with 7 touchdowns in 5 games, provides opportunities for 1 touchdown at -334 odds, 2 touchdowns at +108 odds, or 3 touchdowns at +334 odds. 

Lastly, for interceptions, Goff has thrown a total of 4 interceptions this season, allowing bets on 1 interception at +136 odds, 2 interceptions at +700 odds. Meanwhile, Garoppolo has thrown 8 interceptions this season, providing odds for 1 interception at -179, 2 interceptions at +300 odds. 


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