Thursday Night Football Showdown: Josh Allen vs. Baker Mayfield - A Closer Look at Betting Odds and Stats

Buffalo, New York - As the NFL season unfolds, all eyes are on the exhilarating quarterback showdown between Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills and Baker Mayfield of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This electrifying battle is set to take place tonight at 8:15 p.m. ET as part of Thursday Night Football in Week 8, at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo, New York. The game promises high-stakes action on the field, with betting odds from BetUS, an online sportsbook with 30 years in the business, offering a compelling insight into the matchup. 

The quarterbacks: This highly anticipated duel pits the statistical prowess of Josh Allen against the precision of Baker Mayfield. Here's a glance at their season statistics in-line with a selection of prop bets and odds for a broader perspective: 

Josh Allen (BUF):

Passing Yards (At Least): 264 yards, -108 odds.// Averaging Passing Yards (Per Game): 263.0

Passing Touchdowns (At Least): 2 touchdowns, -176 odds //Total Passing Touchdonws 15 in 7 games.

Interceptions (At Least): 1 interception, -102 odds, 2 interceptions (+350), 3 interceptions (+1300) //Total Interceptions (Season): 7

Baker Mayfield (TB):

Passing Yards (At Least): 229 yards, -118 odds.//Averaging Passing Yards (Per Game): 227.2Passing

Passing Touchdowns (At Least): 2 touchdowns, +164 odds.//Total Passing Touchdowns 8 in 6 games

Interceptions (At Least): 1 interception, -167 odds, 2 interceptions (+250), 3 interceptions (+1100) //Total Interceptions (Season): 4

In addition to the odds highlighted above, other notable quarterback betting odds include those for passing attempts, completions, and rushing yards

“With the Bills currently favored by 10 points here at BetUS, a bet on Allen making at least 264 passing yards seems like a solid bet. That is only one point more than his average passing yards per game, in a game in which they are favored by ten points. Meanwhile, our oddsmakers have both Allen and Mayfield favored to throw at least one interception, though Allen is almost even money on that bet, which should see contrarians betting on an interception by Allen at –102,” says Tim Williams, director of public relations for BetUS. “And for what it's worth, either quarterback throwing 3 or more interceptions pays 13-to-1 (Allen) and 11-to-1 (Mayfield), respectively.” 

This quarterback showdown is not just a battle of teams; it's a duel of numbers, showcasing Josh Allen's prolific touchdown count and Baker Mayfield's skill in protecting the ball. Fans and bettors alike are in for an action-packed evening as the Bills and Buccaneers collide in a prime-time football spectacle. 

How the Bets Stack Up:  

BetUS customers are relatively split, with 53.12% of point spread bets riding on the Buffalo Bills as the favorites with a line that has hovered between Bills –9 ½ and Bills –10 on Thursday after originally opening at Bills –8 points. Meanwhile, 47% are leaning towards the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, presenting an intriguing wagering dynamic with tempting odds. 


Exploring the money line, it's a near-even split, with 51% of bettors backing the Bills and 49% supporting the Buccaneers. The money volume for both teams is quite close to the wager count (Bills 44% and Tampa 56%), setting the stage for a compelling showdown in this high-stakes matchup. 

When it comes to the point total, the majority of bettors are placing their faith in the under, with 60% of bets favoring the under 43 ½ points. This sentiment for the under is a testament to the expectations of a tightly contested matchup, keeping fans on the edge of their seats as they watch these two top-tier teams battle it out. 


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