Exclusive data: Jaguars @ Saints – how bettors are reacting to Lawrence uncertainty; PLUS – could the ‘under’ be a sure-fire bet?

Tonight, the Jacksonville Jaguars will play against the New Orleans Saints (3-3) opening Week 7 of the 2023 NFL schedule on Thursday Night Football. The Jaguars are currently standing at a respectable 4-2 record, indicating a strong start to their season. For their part, the Saints have a 3-3 record, showing some inconsistency in their performance. The game is scheduled to kick off at 8:15 p.m. ET at the Caesars Superdome.  

As of Thursday morning, the Saints are favored by just two points on the point spread at BetUS.com, with the line intermittingly going as low as Saints –1 as action continues to come in. For those betting the outright winner, or moneyline, BetUS is currently offering the Saints at –125 (risk $125 for a $225 payout, which includes the return of the bettors’ stake) or the Jaguars at +105 (risk $100 for a $205 payout). 

BetUS Exclusive insider data: How bettors are betting tonight’s game so far

BetUS.com, the original online sportsbook marking its 30th football season this year, is known to attract more experienced and even professional sports bettors. For that reason, it can be insightful to look at the betting patterns of BetUS customers.  

According to Tim Williams, director of public relations for BetUS, 53% of bets on the point spread have been bet on the Jaguars. “But when we look at the total dollar volume bet on the spread, just 34% is riding on the Jaguars. This suggests that our customers are feeling uncertain about how this game will play out, which is unsurprising given Trevor Lawrence’s questionable status,” Williams says. “It would also seem to indicate that larger bets are being placed on the Saints on the point spread.” 

Meanwhile, BetUS customers seem more confident betting the Jaguars as the outright winner, with 70% of moneyline bets having been bet on the Jaguars as of Thursday morning. 


Betting the Under: Close to a sure bet? 

While there is no such thing as a sure bet (that’s what makes it fun!), there are some interesting statistics ahead of tonight’s game that are worth paying attention to: 

*Betting the ‘Under’ is 7-0 in the Saints last 7 games as a favorite.

*Betting the ‘Under’ is 6-0 in the Saints' last 6 games after accumulating less than 90 yards rushing in their previous game, which happens to be the case ahead of tonight’s game.

*Betting the ‘Under’ is 5-0 in the Saints last 5 games following a straight-up loss. 

As mentioned before, BetUS.com customers are some of the most experienced sports bettors in the world, given the company’s 30-year legacy, and the numbers suggest that customers are paying attention to these statistics: 64% of bets and 59.67% of the total dollar volume bet on the total at BetUS has been bet on the ‘under’ 40 points. 

“With the Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence questionable to play tonight, betting the ‘under’ makes for an even more compelling proposition,” Williams says.  

Look for a late line movement 

According to a bookmaker at BetUS, if news that Lawrence will play tonight breaks before kickoff, we could expect to see the line move to a ‘pick’ line, meaning that neither team is favored and bettors would be free to bet without a point spread. Likewise, if it becomes certain that Lawrence won’t be on the field this evening, the line would likely to move to Saints –3, the BetUS bookmaker says. 

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