Elimination of Big Ten Conference Divisions a “Seismic Shift” in Betting World

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As the Big Ten conference prepares to eliminate its East and West divisions in the 2024 season, the betting landscape in college football is set for a seismic shakeup, says Tim Williams, director of public affairs for BetUS.com, the original online sportsbook marking its 30th season in business this year.


Beginning in 2024, the top two teams with the best conference records will compete in the Big Ten Championship, significantly altering how bettors and sportsbooks, such as BetUS.com, evaluate their odds. The shift away from divisional play promises to inject uncertainty and, consequently, excitement into the college football betting scene.


"It's going to change the way we approach college football betting significantly," said Tim Williams, director of public affairs for BetUS (pronounced ‘Bet U.S.’) . "When you change the format like this, you're adding a lot of variables. It will make for a more dynamic and challenging betting environment, but that's what makes it exciting."


The conference's decision to adopt a 'Flex Protect Plus' model will also alter the dynamics of betting. With this model, each team will play every other conference opponent at least twice — once at home and once away — within a four-year period. The annual matchups, such as the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, will be protected. “This could lead to a shift in betting strategies, with a renewed focus on these pivotal, annual rivalry games,” Williams says.


The addition of USC and UCLA to the conference further amplifies the unpredictable nature of the games. As they integrate into the conference and forge new rivalries, these teams will undoubtedly change the dynamics of the conference. With more competitors in the mix, bettors will need to recalibrate their strategies.


"The inclusion of USC and UCLA introduces fresh blood and potential wildcard elements into the Big Ten," notes Williams. "Our customers are going to have to really stay on their toes and adjust their strategies accordingly."


Additionally, with the shift in structure, the path to the Big Ten Championship has become more challenging, especially for teams like Iowa who will now have to contend with conference heavyweights like Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State. “This may add an extra layer of difficulty for bettors when predicting who might make it to the Championship,” Williams notes.


Williams added, "Bettors will need to look beyond simple win-loss records. They'll need to consider the strength of a team's schedule, their performance against top-tier teams, and even how travel may impact a team's performance."


BetUS oddsmakers have been taking a close look at the potential implications for each team in the conference.


"The move to eliminate divisions introduces a host of new variables for each team," commented Tim Williams, Director of Public Affairs for BetUS. "Bettors and sportsbooks will need to recalibrate their strategies as they evaluate how the changes will impact each team in the conference.”


Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines 


These teams have historically dominated the East division. With their only protected rivalry being "The Game," bettors will need to watch how they navigate an expanded field of competition, which could impact their overall records and positioning for the Championship.




As newcomers to the conference, these teams could be wildcards. It remains to be seen how they will adjust to the competition and weather conditions in the Big Ten, which differ significantly from the Pac-12. “Their inclusion brings an exciting element of unpredictability to the betting scene,” Williams says.


Iowa Hawkeyes


With three protected rivalries (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska) and a stronger competition pool, the Hawkeyes' path to the Championship may become more challenging. “This could affect the odds of them making it to the Championship game,” Williams notes.


Michigan State Spartans


The Spartans' schedule will change significantly with new competitors and travel destinations. The team will need to adapt to the evolving dynamics, which could influence their overall season performance.


Rutgers and Maryland


As teams that joined the conference relatively recently, these teams will need to carve their paths in the new setup. They have a chance to upset established rivalries and dynamics, providing unexpected opportunities for bettors.


Illinois, Northwestern, and other teams


With a more level playing field, these teams have an opportunity to shift their fortunes in the conference. As they face different opponents every year, bettors will need to adapt their strategies accordingly.


"Ultimately, this change will require a more nuanced approach to betting on Big Ten football," Williams concluded.


While the changes may seem daunting for bettors, they can also provide a renewed sense of excitement and potential opportunities for astute bettors who can quickly adapt to the changing landscape.


"Change is a constant in sports," Williams says. "As a sportsbook, we see these changes as opportunities to innovate and offer our bettors new and exciting ways to engage with college football.”

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