LeBron James Retirement Speculation: Betting Odds and Potential Landing Spots

The living legend of the NBA, LeBron James, is once again making headlines. After losing the final game against the Denver Nuggets and the opportunity to compete for his fifth championship ring, he has left the possibility of an imminent retirement open. 

If you’re one to believe the hype, Lebron James is considering an early retirement next season, bidding farewell to the Lakers. If you think the rumors are true, a $100 bet on Lebron retiring next season (or prior to it) will pay out a total of $950 (those are +850 odds, which include your original stake back). The odds are long though, with the odds indicating just a 10.53% implied probability.    

Of course, those odds are subject to change as more becomes known.   

If LeBron does leave the Lakers but joins another squad instead of retiring, there’s a prop bet for that too: the New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers are the favorites to land the basketball superstar for the 2023/24 season (should he leave the Lakers), both paying +350.   

Feel free to visit https://www.betus.com.pa/sportsbook/nba/lines/nba-specials/lebron-james/ for the latest odds on this prop bet that has Lebron and Lakers fans buzzing.   

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