Challenges AAA's Memorial Day Travel Predictions with Innovative Prop Bets

Online Sportsbook Encourages Wagering on Travel Trends, Airfare Hikes, and Memorial Day Destinations

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Celebrating 30 seasons in the sportsbook industry, (pronounced ‘Bet U.S.’), the original online sportsbook, is bringing a fresh, provocative angle to Memorial Day travel predictions. In a twist on their industry-shaking move of providing betting odds on Thanksgiving flight cancellations and delays last year, BetUS is now offering prop bets based on AAA's annual Memorial Day travel forecast.


“Last year we saw fantastic engagement with our Thanksgiving flight cancellations and delays prop bets," says Tim Williams, director of public relations for BetUS. “This year, we're taking it a step further, questioning AAA's Memorial Day travel predictions. The audience response, we anticipate, will be bigger than ever before." has framed its prop bets around key data points from AAA’s annual travel prediction report.


In a nod to the rising cost of travel, one standout prop bet directly centers on AAA's prediction of a 40% increase in airline ticket prices. BetUS offers odds of 6/5 (implied probability 45.45%) that airfare will actually rise more than AAA’s prediction of 40%, and 3/5 (implied probability 62.5%) that it won’t.  Similarly, BetUS has odds on if the cost of airfare to this year’s top destination will increase by more or less than 36%.  Spoiler alert – the ‘more’ is favored, currently pegged at 3/5 odds, or an implied probability of 62.5%.


With a predicted surge in air travel, another daring prop bet focuses on the number of air travelers during the Memorial Day weekend. Bettors are offered odds of 5/6 (implied probability 54.55%) for both over and under 3.35 million air travelers.


One compelling prop bet asks bettors, "Will the number of Americans traveling 50+ miles during the Memorial Day weekend exceed 42.2 million?" with odds of 14/19 (implied probability 57.58%) for over and 19/20 (51.28%) for under.


The stakes are even higher for auto travelers. BetUS is offering odds of 10/11 (implied probability 52.38%) for over 37.5 million and 10/13 (implied probability 56.52%) for under.


Fanning the flames of competition, BetUS also explores AAA's forecast for the most visited domestic destinations over the Memorial Day weekend. Orlando leads with odds of 7/4 (implied probability 36.36%), closely followed by New York at 9/4 (implied probability 30.77%) and Las Vegas at 13/4 (implied probability 23.53%).


Williams adds, "While it’s clear that travel is on the rebound, there's still a degree of uncertainty that makes these prop bets exciting. Whether it's wagering on airfare increases or guessing the most popular destinations, these bets invite a different way to engage in the conversation about Memorial Day travel."


As we head into the holiday, only time will tell how these bets will pan out. But one thing is certain, the combination of current events and betting is a win for engaging content.


You can find (and bet on) the full line up of AAA’s Memorial Day weekend travel predictions at the following URL:



Tim Williams

Director of Public Relations

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