Woman from rural California takes a swing with thousand-dollar, 7-team baseball parlay; wins $53,000

LLANO, CA - May 16, 2023 - A 50-year-old woman from the one-horse town of Llano, CA – located in Los Angeles County not far from the San Bernardino County line, has likely become her town’s most legendary sports bettor – if she decides to reveal her identity, that is.  

That is thanks to one heck of a parlay bet she placed at online sportsbook BetUS.com, where she took a serious swing and put $1,000 on the line for a 7-team MLB baseball parlay bet on Monday, May 15th. And on what must have been one of the better Mondays of her life, every single game went her way, ultimately paying out an astonishing $53,769.17 on her $1,000 bet!  

BetUS (pronounced Bet U.S.) says they always withhold the identity of big winners for their safety and privacy, which in a town so small it seems to consist of little more than a post office, may very well be appreciated.  

"Most big winners choose to remain anonymous and keep their winnings to themselves,” says Tim Williams, director of public relations for BetUS. 

A parlay is a unique type of bet that merges multiple individual wagers into a single wager with a much higher potential payout. The catch – all of the individual wagers – or “legs” of the parlay bet, must win for the parlay to pay out.  

In the case of the woman from Llano, she bet the St. Louis Cardinals to defeat the Milwaukee Brewers; the Arizona Diamondbacks to defeat the Oakland Athletics; the San Diego Padres to defeat the Kansas City Royals; and the Los Angeles Dodgers to defeat the Minnesota Twins. Adding to that – the Llano woman with a crystal ball for baseball predicted that the Cardinals and Brewers game would go over 8 runs (it went for an incredible 19!). Not stopping there, she added an ‘over’ 9 runs on the Rangers vs Braves game (which concluded in a one-sided 12-0 spectacle) and finally, to top it off: she bet the ‘over’ 8.5 runs in the Dodgers vs. Twins game, which delivered an exhilarating 9-8 final score. 

“The odds of all of those hitting in a single parlay was a little under two percent,” Williams says.  

That, folks, is how to make $53,769.17 in a single afternoon.  

And in Llano, that appears to be enough to snatch up another 20 or so acres of land, if one was so inclined.  

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A new generation of recreational gamers is emerging across North America and as the largest, longest running online sportsbook no one is better equipped than BetUS.com.pa to serve them. Recognized as one of the oldest and most respected online entertainment companies for more than 25 years, BetUS is proud to offer customers from all over the world an unparalleled level of experience and industry expertise unmatched by any other sportsbook. Since 1994 BetUS’s mission has been to provide recreational sports bettors the highest level of customer service, ease of play, and confidence to indulge their passion for wagering. Whether it is sports, breaking news, politics, Hollywood gossip, current events, stock predictions, and even weather, BetUS has got your game!

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