launches exclusive betting markets on Hunter Biden paternity trial

  • jpg, the original online sportsbook with nearly 30 years in business, has announced the release of a series of unique prop bets surrounding the Hunter Biden paternity trial set to take place in Batesville, Arkansas this summer. These bets offer a new and engaging perspective on the case, with odds reflecting predictions on various aspects of the trial, including potential outcomes, new revelations, and key players' roles.

BetUS (pronounced Bet U.S.) customers can now bet on aspects and outcomes of the trial including if Hunter Biden will be held in contempt of court; if any undisclosed financial transactions or hidden assets will be uncovered; if Hunter will succeed in having his child support payment reduced, if Garret Ziegler will be allowed to serve as an expert witness; if requested documents be provided by their set deadlines; if details of Hunter’s foreign business dealings (particularly with Ukraine or China) will emerge during the trial, or if any irregularities regarding the sale of Hunter’s artwork be revealed, amongst others.

"Our customers love betting on high profile trials, and while this case may not be getting the media attention one would expect, we believe it will prove to be one of the more popular betting markets on a court case we have done,” said Tim Williams, Director of Public Relations for BetUS.  

From the 2016 presidential election and the 2016 Brexit Referendum to the 2020 Democratic primary race and the 2022 US Midterm Elections, betting markets have historically proven to be highly accurate predictors of future events.

"From political outcomes to trial verdicts, betting markets have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to predict events with remarkable accuracy," added Williams. "Our expert oddsmakers have carefully crafted these odds to provide our users with the most accurate opening odds possible.  Of course, these odds can and do change as betting action comes into the market, and as the trial progresses.”

The trial, expected to begin this summer, comes as the result of an ongoing child support dispute with Lunden Roberts, a former stripper at the Mpire Gentlemen’s Club in Washington, D.C., and mother of Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts.

For more information on the unique prop bets surrounding the Hunter Biden paternity trial, and to check the latest odds please visit the Hunter Biden Paternity Trial Market at

Odds as of May 8th, 6am EST:

Will Hunter Biden be held in contempt of court before the trial concludes?

Yes: +185 (37/20, 35.1% probability)

No: -275 (4/11, 73.3% probability)

Odds suggest "No", but there's still a chance Hunter could be found in contempt at some point during the trial.

Will any undisclosed financial transaction or hidden assets of Hunter Biden be uncovered during the trial?

Yes: -300 (1/3, 75.0% probability)

No: +190 (19/10, 34.5% probability)

Odds heavily favor "Yes", implying a high likelihood of exposing secret financial deals that could damage Hunter Biden's reputation and create a media frenzy.

Will Hunter Biden's trial date be pushed back from its current scheduled date of July 24th?

Yes: +110 (11/10, 47.6% probability)

No: -150 (2/3, 60.0% probability)

Odds slightly favor "No", but if the trial is delayed, it could fuel speculation of strategic maneuvering or attempts to cover up explosive information.

Will Hunter Biden successfully lower his child support payment?

Yes: +325 (13/4, 23.5% probability)

No: -550 (2/11, 84.6% probability)

Odds heavily favor "No", suggesting a potentially messy and contentious battle in court.

Will Garrett Ziegler be allowed to serve as an "expert" witness in Hunter Biden's case?

Yes: -325 (4/13, 76.5% probability)

No: +200 (2/1, 33.3% probability)

Odds strongly favor "Yes", hinting at a high-stakes witness showdown and the possibility of damning revelations coming to light.

Will all requested documents (both parties) be provided before the pre-trial hearing on May 23rd?

Yes: +150 (3/2, 40.0% probability)

No: -200 (1/2, 66.7% probability)

Odds favor "No", implying potential stonewalling and further delays, sparking public suspicion and media scrutiny.

Will either party file an appeal after the final verdict?

Yes: -250 (2/5, 71.4% probability)

No: +165 (33/20, 37.7% probability)

Odds favor "Yes", suggesting a dramatic aftermath to the trial, with the losing party fighting back and prolonging the scandal.

Will any surprise witnesses be called to testify during the trial?

Yes: -140 (5/7, 58.3% probability)

No: Ev (1/1, 50.0% probability)

Odds favor "Yes", indicating the possibility of surprise testimonies.

Will any business dealings, particularly in China and Ukraine, be revealed during the trial?

Yes: -120 (5/6, 54.5% probability)

No: -120 (5/6, 54.5% probability)

Odds are evenly split, hinting at the potential for bombshell revelations about Hunter Biden's international business dealings.

Will any controversy surrounding the sale of Hunter Biden's art emerge during the trial?

Yes: -185 (11/37, 64.3% probability)  •          

No: +140 (7/5, 41.7% probability)

Odds favor "Yes", suggesting that Hunter's controversial art sales may be exposed during the trial, potentially revealing unsavory connections and igniting even more scandal.

Will any questionable travel activity or expenses by Hunter Biden be exposed during the trial?

Yes: -325 (4/13, 76.5% probability)

No: +200 (2/1, 33.3% probability)

Odds heavily favor "Yes", implying a high likelihood of unveiling Hunter Biden's travel activities.

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