March Madness favorite’s game-time food, snacks, and drinks

We all love March Madness. We all love the power and energy of NCAAB. We all love getting together and sharing the passion we feel for our favorite team. And if there’s one thing that truly unites us all, it’s got to be food. Right?  


As a leading online sportsbook, here at we’re always looking for ways to enhance the fan experience and bring the action to our customers’ fingertips. That's why we've conducted a survey of basketball fans across the country to find out what their favorite food, snacks, and drinks are while watching the games.  


In a nutshell, most basketball fans say they usually watch their favorite games eating chicken wings, chips and dip, and tacos.   


According to the survey results, the most preferred type of snack is chicken wings, with nearly 30% of fans choosing this option. The second most common type of food was pizza, which was selected by roughly 22% of the fans. The list continues with tacos (12%), followed by chips and dip (10%), mozzarella sticks (8%), and chicken bites (7%).  


Curiously, younger respondents, aged 18-29, picked tacos as their most preferred snack during the March Madness games – 30% of their answers were tacos, while another 24% were chicken wings, 18% were pizza and 10% were chips and dip.     


The top picks for the second age group (30-55 years old) were chicken wings (29%), chips and dip (24%), pizza (18%), and mozzarella sticks (15%). For those aged 56 years and older, the three most preferred options were chicken wings (22%), followed by pizza (16%), and chicken bites (12%).  


Beer and soda happen to be the drinks of choice, while very few combine watching basketball with drinking stronger spirits. For men, beer (40%) tops the list, followed by soda (39%), while it is the exact opposite for women – 61% opted for soda, while only 16% chose beer.  


To the question “What are you planning on eating during the final game?” The most selected option by the respondents was “Buffalo wings” (39%). That’s nearly 2 in 5!  


The survey consisted of 9,851 respondents and was conducted between February 20th – 24th, 2023.    

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