Pickles - a dog that picks football winners - predicted the Chiefs victory in Super Bowl LVII

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Above: Pickles making his pick during a live press vent on February 2nd, 2023.

GLENDALE, ARIZONA - Pickles, a one-of-a-kind canine sports-picking phenom, has social media on fire after his incredible Super Bowl prediction came to fruition Sunday night as the Kansas City Chiefs rose to a stunning victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in the final seconds of the game, winding down the game clock before clenching Super Bowl LVII by a field goal. 

On February 2nd, ten days before kickoff, Pickles predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs would win Super Bowl LVII and he was spot on, bringing his record for the 2022-23 NFL season to an unbelievable 13 wins and 7 losses.  This incredible feat has not only earned Pickles a reputation as the top (and only) canine sports picker in the world, but has also made his owner, Esteban Navarro, and BetUS Sportsbook (pronounced Bet U.S.) very proud.

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“This is Pickles’ second season proving the doubters wrong,” Navarro says.  “His win rate just keeps getting better.” 

In fact, Pickles’ winning record goes back further than that.  Bored and frustrated after a series of betting losses while hunkering down at home during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Navarro turned to his canine companion to make his picks for him, with a simple system he devised.  To his surprise, his fortunes quickly turned around and by the end of that season of piped-in crowd noise and cardboard fans, Navarro and Pickles had turned a healthy profit.

Last year, BetUS hired Pickles for weekly appearances on its YouTube channel, known as BetUS TV, where the pooch with a knack for picking football winners has been picking Monday Night Football winners (his speciality) ever since.  

“Pickles’ win rate is higher than most professional gamblers,” says Tim Williams, a spokesperson for BetUS.com.  “As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” Williams adds.  

Navarro said that he and Pickles watched the game together, and Pickles was on the edge of his seat throughout.  “He absolutely knows by our cheers and the feeling in the room what is happening.  He also knows the word ‘touchdown,’ which he instantly recognizes when said by the announcers during the game, and if it is accompanied by my cheering, he knows our team has just scored.”

Navarro said Pickles also recognizes other football vernacular he hears on the TV, including “there’s a flag on the play,” and ‘it’s good!’ referring to a kicker making a field goal.  “When he hears those phrases he looks at me immediately to see my reaction to the play,” Navarro says.

“We are thrilled to once again show the sports betting public that Pickles is the real deal, and we’re so happy for all the Chiefs fans out there.  Both teams played with a lot of heart, but I never doubted the Chiefs after Pickles picked them to win without a hint of hesitation,” Navarro says.  

This win is a huge accomplishment for Pickles and his team, and it's a story that deserves to be told. From his unique prediction method to his adorable personality, Pickles is a character that is capturing the hearts of sports fans and animal lovers alike.

Pickles' media kit, including a recording of the live Feb 2 event of Pickles choosing the Chiefs to win Super Bowl LVII, can be found here.

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Congratulations Pickles!

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