After a nail-biting victory over the Cincinnati Bengals that came down to a field goal in the last seconds of the game, the first official odds for Super Bowl LVII have just been posted by BetUS Sportsbook.  


“Within minutes – maybe even less of the AFC Championship game, our oddsmakers had opened straight wagering on Super Bowl LVII, offering the earliest bettors a straight ‘PK’ or pick ‘em line, with Kansas City priced at a slight premium of -120, meaning our oddsmakers started off the Chiefs as a very small favorite,” explains Tim Williams, director of public relations for BetUS (pronounced “Bet U.S.”).   


“However, as betting action continues to pour in only minutes after the conclusion of the AFC Championship game, the line for Super Bowl LVII is already fast on the move, with the Eagles moving to -1 point favorites within 15 minutes of the open of wagering, and then to -2 ½ point favorites just minutes after that,” Williams explains.  “This means that at this very early stage, our sportsbook is currently receiving more action backing the Eagles to win Super Bowl LVII than action for the Chiefs, which results in our oddsmakers moving the line appropriately to encourage balanced wagering.”   


As of the time of this writing, the Eagles are favored by -2 ½ points on the point spread and -140 on the ‘money line’, or odds for the outright winner, at  “Those odds translate into a 58.33% implied probability of an Eagles win in Super Bowl LVII, but I’m sure we are going to see this line move around for a while until some sort of consensus and equilibrium is found.  Still, it’s the professional bettors and ‘sharps’ as we call them in the industry that tend to bet early and make the sort of large bets that move betting lines.  And within minutes of wagering being opened, we’re seeing that action backing the Eagles, so make of it what you will,” Williams concludes. 


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