Next Liverpool FC owner odds: Martin Broughton the favorite candidate?

Liverpool FC is officially up for sale after the club’s owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) confirmed they are “inviting offers.” Both the main owner of the Merseyside club, John W Henry, and the club's CEO, Tom Werner, have decided that the time has come to sell, 12 years after buying the six-time Champions League winners for £300 million.

The price that is stipulated that the sale of Liverpool can reach is $5 billion (in exchange €4,990 billion or £4,400 billion).

But who will buy Liverpool? There are a few names on the table, and the New York-based investment firm, RedBird Capital Partners is one of them.

The Potential Buyers

RedBird Capital Partners (+350)

“RedBird listed at +350 has links to A-list stars such as LeBron James and Drake, owns 10% of Liverpool's current ownership group, and recently bought Serie A champions AC Milan,” says Barry Barger, a senior betting analyst at

Sir Martin Broughton Group (+450)

Another potential candidate to buy Liverpool is Sir Martin Broughton Group listed at +450, according to BetUS. This billionaire Sir Martin Broughton might be seeking to buy his into soccer, and eyed Chelsea over the summer.

Sir Martin is an airlines billionaire and, we cannot forget that he previously been Liverpool chairman. He helped sell Liverpool to FSG (then named New England Sports Ventures) 12 years ago, and for that reason, it seems to be a good candidate for the oddsmakers.

“This means that a $25 bet on RedBird Capital Partners over the others would have a payout of $112.50 ($87.50 plus the original $25 bet). Therefore, the same $25 bet on Sir Martin Broughton Group to become the Liverpool FC owner would have a payout of $137.50 ($112.50 plus the original $25 bet),” explains Barger.

Al-Bassam/Ritchie Group (+500)

When Chelsea was on sale it had a few candidates, including Centricus co-founder Nizam Al-Bassam and its CEO Garth Ritchie. Although they didn’t finalize that purchase, they could be interested in Liverpool FC, and Al-Bassam/Ritchie Group is listed at +500.

In this case, a bet of $25 bet on Al-Bassam/Ritchie Group over the others would have a payout of $150 ($125 plus the original $25 bet).

It is a matter of time to see who will bid and wind up with ownership of one of the finalists of the UEFA Champions League 2022/2023 (Liverpool vs. Real Madrid.)



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