Odds are on Rams, Packers or Ravens for Odell Beckham Jr.

America’s favorite season is here and with NFL teams opening their training camps last week, we are getting a clear picture of how the NFL’s 32 rosters are coalescing. 

Still, several talented free agents remain unsigned, with one of the most notable being Super Bowl ring-winning wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. 

Although Beckham Jr. Is still recovering from a torn ACL he suffered helping the Rams win Super Bowl LVI last year and realistically might not be able to play until December, a number of teams would no doubt be interested in his services. 

He finished last season with 44 catches for 537 yards and five touchdowns and would certainly contribute to any squad he joined.  

So where will the sought-after wide receiver end up this year? If the betting odds recently released by BetUS are any indication, we could expect Beckham to rejoin the Rams this year, though both Green Bay and Baltimore are strong possibilities as well. 

“Our oddsmakers seem to believe it really comes down to either the Rams (+150),n Packers (+200), or Ravens (+250) for Odell this year,” says Barry Barger, a senior betting analyst with BetUS. “But the Colts (+550) and Saints (+700) are both real possibilities. And to a lesser degree, the Browns (+1200) or Cowboys (+1500) are potential suitors as well.” 

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