Lakewood, WA man wins $200,000 after hitting 12-leg MLB baseball parlay

The 12-leg, $265 parlay bet paid more than 750-to-1 at

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April 29, 2022 (Lakewood, WA) -- A Lakewood, WA man turned $265 into a cool $200,000 yesterday after successfully winning a long-shot, 12-leg parlay bet on a series of MLB baseball games, announced today. The online sportsbook said that it does not release customers' names or other personally identifiable information.

The big win happened on Thursday when the customer played six games for moneylines and the rest on "over/under" bets or totals. The moneyline teams that hit were the San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels. The over/under or totals were Reds-Padres (O/U 8, which went over), Pirates-Brewers (under 7½), Rockies-Phillies (over 7, ended up at 8 runs), Nationals-Marlins (under 8) Braves-Cubs (under 8½), and Yankees-Orioles (over 8½).

"Believe it or not, we really do love to see our valued customers hit big payouts - and this young man from Lakewood, WA sure knows how to pick some winners!" said Tim Williams, director of public relations for BetUS.

Williams said that he has not personally spoken to the winner but "hopes he has a great summer" with his massive winnings.

For those that are interested, the exact details of the man's 12-team parlay were as follows:

Baseball MLB - 901 San Diego Padres  2.00 for Game - Pitcher Options:  Action

Baseball MLB - 901 (Reds / Padres) Over 8 1.83 for Game - Pitcher Options:  N. Martinez -R must start / T. Mahle -R must start

Baseball MLB - 904 (Pirates / Brewers) Under 7.5 1.83 for Game - Pitcher Options:  F. Peralta -R must start / J. Quintana -L must start

Baseball MLB - 903 Milwaukee Brewers  1.61 for Game - Pitcher Options:  Action

Baseball MLB - 905 (Phillies / Rockies) Over 7 1.80 for Game - Pitcher Options:  A. Gomber -L must start / Z. Wheeler -R must start

Baseball MLB - 906 Philadelphia Phillies  1.50 for Game - Pitcher Options:  Action

Baseball MLB - 908 (Nationals / Marlins) Under 8 1.83 for Game - Pitcher Options:  T. Rogers -L must start / P. Corbin -L must start

Baseball MLB - 910 (Braves / Cubs) Under 8.5 1.91 for Game - Pitcher Options:  D. Smyly -L must start / K. Wright -R must start

Baseball MLB - 912 St. Louis Cardinals  1.61 for Game - Pitcher Options:  Action

Baseball MLB - 914 New York Yankees  1.47 for Game - Pitcher Options:  Action

Baseball MLB - 913 (Yankees / Orioles) Over 8.5 1.95 for Game - Pitcher Options:  B. Zimmermann -L must start / J. Taillon -R must start

Baseball MLB - 926 Los Angeles Angels  1.61 for Game - Pitcher Options:  Action

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